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Selling Your Home

If you have any questions or would like more information about selling your home please Contact Us. If you are interested in buying your next dream home or property please visit our Buyers Page or if you are interested in selling your home or property please visit our Sellers Page.

Family of consumer-sensitive REALTORS® is dedicated to helping people buy and sell homes, condos, farms and acreages in Calgary and the surrounding area.

There are five factors that influence the sale of property:

The single most important decision you will make is determining the right asking price for your property.

Buy, Then Sell Or Sell, Then Buy?

Selling Your HomeIt is almost always better to sell before you buy. Why? It eliminates the financial risk of having to pay two mortgages plus taxes, insurance and utilities for several months. Additionally, unless you qualify for interim financing, your lender may require that you sell your home before granting financing on your new home. If the buyer makes an attractive offer and wants to close quickly, you can arrange for temporary housing.

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Our goal is to bring you the highest possible price for your home, under the most favourable terms, in the least amount of time, with minimum inconvenience. We will:

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